Why an Elders Consortium

Our Vision

To see faithful, reliable, and empowered elders in every congregation.

Our Mission

To network and resource elders so that they can better support pastors, oversee ministries within the church, enthuse and inspire church members, and model the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

GCAEC is a mechanism for bringing Adventist Elders, of differing backgrounds and dispositions, together to assist the church in accomplishing the work of Christ through collaborative efforts.

Our Logo

Our Logo

Our logo contains four key elements: the acronym C.A.S.T., a net, rope, and knots. These components encapsulate our vision, mission, and theme. Each member is an individual knot making up the net. The rope that connects the knots is the Holy Spirit. In order for the net to be effective, the members have to be tied together tightly and move in a coordinated direction. The unity and strength of the members produces the desired effect.

But wait! That's not all. Look very carefully at the logo. There's another element that represents the very foundation of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. See if you can identify it, then click here.


GCAEC- Into All The World!


C – Connect elder with elder,
A – Advance each elder in spiritual leadership,
S – Sustain one another in spiritual warfare and personal challenges,
T – Unite Together to compound our results in service to God!


Designed by Elders, for Elders.

GCAEC is about equipping and bringing brothers and sisters together; working arm in arm, in concert, and with one purpose. When we labor together, the ultimate desire of Jesus will then be realized in our churches, “…that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” (John 17:21).

Our Team

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I was pleased to be nominated as Head Deacon about 6 years ago. As a Deacon, the responsibilities were very familiar and I enjoyed the participation on the Church Board and enjoyed working with the Deacons. I was comfortable with the duties. 2 years ago, I was nominated to join the church Elders. I was blessed that the church had honored me with this new job, but very apprehensive that I had what it would take to perform the duties of an Elder. (more…)

Elder Bob Houchins

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Elders Talk

This segment is designed to allow elders to share insights they get from selected articles in the Elder's Digest.

Once a month, an article is featured from archived issues of Elder's Digest for open discussion. Elders are invited to read the article and then comment on the posted question(s) related to the article. They may also comment on other aspects of the article that resonated with them as they read it.

Elder’s Digest is published quarterly by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Ministerial Association and is printed by Pacific Press Publishing Association. To read other interesting articles, go to the archives section of www.eldersdigest.org. You will also find additional church leadership resources for elders.

May you be inspired to make reading, Bible study, meditation on the Word of God, and prayer a natural and ongoing part of your daily life.

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