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WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART? Lessons from a Biblical Character

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Elder’s Digest JANUARY | MARCH 2017 pgs.4-6.
by Ekkehardt Mueller

In this article, the author presents an example of how a sermon or Bible teaching can be developed by examining the life of a biblical character. He uses  Ezra, the Jewish scribe and priest, to illustrate his point. From Ezra 7:10, he offers four insights. Three of which he refers to as, “aspects of ministry to which Ezra was devoted” (5). As you consider these points, think about the lessons you can learn as an elder.

  1. The heart counts. “Ezra set his heart to seek the word of God, do it, and teach it” (4). This involved commitment, devotion, and dedication.
  2. Study scripture. Ezra was committed to digging deep into the word of God. “Study of the Word of God is a prerequisite for knowing God, His plan of salvation, and His will. It is the foundation of the Christian’s life and our spiritual journey” (5).
  3. Practice what you have found. The author suggests that studying God’s word has little effect if it does not affect our daily lives.
  4. Teach what you have found and practiced. Teaching must be preceded by studying and practicing.

Thought questions: Why are you an elder? Is your heart in it? Are you personally involved? When you compare your performance in secular business to how you serve as an elder, how does it measure up? Does the way you live reflect your understanding of the Word of God?

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