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Hello and welcome to the GCAEC blog page. We pray that what you see on our posts will help you become the spiritual leader you truly desire to be. May you be inspired to keep moving upward and onward as we work and wait together for the coming of  our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  ∼Elder Mickey P. Evans

Well, now that you know what GCAEC is all about and you’ve had an opportunity to consider this ministry, we invite you to sign up to become an official member. As Pastor Ivan Williams said at the launch on October 14, 2017 (see the YouTube excerpt), let’s wake up the sleeping giant that Satan does not want to disturb!

Simply click here to complete the form on the Join page.  Within a week you will be contacted by us to confirm your enrollment.




Upward and Onward! GCAEC Launch.

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GCAEC Launch Program

The launch of GCAEC was a wonderful event. Over 120 pastors and elders, from 39 different churches were in attendance. The primary invitees were elders within the Metro Atlanta area (the Central Region churches). However, we had elders come from as far as Elijay and Lagrange, GA.

We opened with a Pathfinder Color Guard. President Ed Wright gave a warm welcome and opening prayer. Pastor Young Uoo Suh, Senior Pastor of the Georgia United Korean Church, greeted us as the host of the meeting. Elder Victor Maddox, GCC Ministerial Director, gave remarks (by a pre-recorded message). Elders Neil Reid and Harold Cunningham, Regional Directors of GCC, gave greetings from their respective regions. We had beautiful and uplifting music, by Florina Rosca. The purpose and vision of GCAEC was introduced. And Pastor Ivan Williams, the North American Division Ministerial Director, gave an inspirational message.

Along with the swag provided by Oakwood University, Southern Adventist University, Jesus 101, Pastor Roger Hernandez (Ministerial Director of the Southern Union), and our local Adventist Book Center, the Pacific Press Publishing Association donated two Elders Bibles that we gave away. One in English and the other in Spanish.

Included in the program were two bright young boys, Rubin Lenzer & Nestor Lizardo-Gomez (from the Duluth Seventh-Day Adventist Church). They lead us in a scripture reading.

After the meeting, there was time for elders to meet and greet each other as we shared a light Adventist meal, haystacks!

GCAEC 2017 Program