Mickey P. Evans

Mick has ben an ordained elder for over 20 years. He is currently the Head Elder at the Duluth Seventh-Day Adventist church, in Duluth, GA. His passion is for Christ and His church. Years ago, he was impressed to explore what it would take to make a ministry like GCAEC work. As he presented the concept to various people, he was amazed by the positive response he received. Pastors, elders, and executive Seventh-Day Adventist church leadership have all given very encouraging feedback. Perhaps his greatest surprise, however, has come from non Seventh-Day Adventists. Many of whom have no interest in organized religion. While they may not step foot in a church building they agree with the notion that Christians should work together. And that’s good enough for him.

“I believe this ministry can be the piece of the puzzle that helps reinvigorate many of our churches. May God richly bless our efforts to help elders be the best elders they can be.” ∼Mickey P. Evans