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If you are an active Seventh-Day Adventist Elder in good standing with your local church, we invite you to complete the form and Join Us! You'll get information about exciting events, training workshops, collaborative opportunities, and other useful resources that will enhance your ministry. (Scroll down for rules).

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Because GCAEC is for elders by elders, we are looking for elders who have gifts that will help meet the objectives of this minsitry.



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Ground Rules


GCAEC is designed by elders for the edification of elders. This is a community for you!

Our mission involves bringing Seventh-Day Adventist elders together to network, learn, and explore ways we can collaborate and share with each other.

We are building a community of Adventist elders, from all walks of life with various dispositions and at differing levels of spiritual maturity. We recognize that many of you are highly respected and learned professionals with a vast amount of experience, expertise, and responsibility. And many of you have served the Lord for decades in an exemplary manner. We want to hear and learn from you! Share your knowledge and ideas with us! We want to connect with you. Be a part of this community. 

However, whether you are a solid Seventh-Day Adventist elder or you're just learning as you go, remember, at the foot of the cross we are all equal. So please follow these simple rules.


  • Treat other members with courtesy and respect.
  • Refrain from critical, hurtful, discouraging, or discriminatory language or innuendo that may lead to division or disunity.
  • Do not post content or send messages with the intent to sell products, services, or promote your own agenda or ideology.
  • Resist the urge to correct or put down in an non Christ-like manner. Treat others the way Jesus treats you.
  • If you notice someone posting inappropriate content or sending spammy messages, please notify us immediately by using the contact form. We reserve the right to remove what we deem as inappropriate content without the author’s consent. 
  • Encourage, support, nurture, and build each other up!

Please, play by the rules and do your part to make this site a safe and enriching community for all of us!