Elder Virgilio Morales

“It is important to recognize our Lord as the Almighty. The one who has power to move mountains. The one who loves us without limits. The faithful one. When we choose to be faithful to Him, we can witness His power in our lives. Keeping His Law is one way to show that we are faithful and that we love Him”.

I was impressed by the power of God working on my behalf while employed as a college teacher at a previous job. It was on a Friday that the Dean of the networking department called me to her office to give me a new work schedule for the upcoming semester. When I looked at it I noticed it included teaching a class on Fridays from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. This schedule had me working the first few hours of the Sabbath. I immediately let the Dean know I could not work on Friday evenings, but that I was willing to work Saturday evenings or Sundays. She told me that there was no other schedule for me and that refusing the schedule meant refusing to continue working in the institution. I was given an ultimatum to either accept the schedule as it was or the following semester I would not have a job.

I handed the paper back to her and told her, “You do what you need to do and I’ll do what I need to do, but I’ll definitely not work on the Sabbath.” She returned the paper to me and said, “Keep it to show to your representative.” (She assumed I was going to hire an attorney).

That same Friday I attended a youth program at my local church. There, I met some of the church elders. I explained the situation to them and asked them to unite with me in prayer that God would soften the Dean’s heart. The next day, during Sabbath service, I again got together with the elders to pray.

The following week the Dean called me to her office. She told me to return the schedule she had given me on Friday. I reached into my back pocket, unfolded the paper, and returned it to her. She ripped the schedule into pieces and put it in the trash. I thought to myself, “I guess I’m being fired, but if that’s the case, it’s because God has something better for me.”

I kept silent while she did a couple of clicks on her computer. She printed a document and handed to me saying, “That is your new schedule for next semester.” I examined the schedule, and to my surprise, I was now being offered to complete my 40 weekly hours Monday through Thursday, leaving Fridays free! So not only was I no longer being asked to work on Sabbath evening, but I was now getting a three day weekend free for the entire school year!

Praise the Lord! He rewards his faithful people. Be not afraid to trust in Jesus, as you exercise your faith in Him. God will bless you!

∼Virgilio Morales