Training/Continuing Education/Membership

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It's So Much More

Contrary to what many might believe, being an elder involves more than what members typically see elders do. You know, calling for tithe and offerings, the scripture reading, intercessory prayer, sitting around the communion table, giving announcements, and welcoming visitors. While all of these functions have a place and are very important to the overall worship experience, the role of an elder is so much more. In this section we offer education, information, and other useful tools to help make you a more informed, equipped, and complete elder.

The Elder's Toolbox

What skillful builder would go to a job site without the essential tools for his job? A trusty hammer, a measuring tape, a power tool... These are just a few items he would be sure to have if he expects to do his job well. The are some basic, high quality, tools that an elder needs too for an effective and fulfilling ministry in the church.

Every elder should have and make good use of:

(If you're toolbox is lacking in any of these essential tools, contact us. We'll see if we can help you get them.)

Continuing Education: Certification and Membership Renewal

Membership is opened to all ordained and elected non-ordained Seventh-Day Adventist elders in good and regular standing who live and serve within the territory of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. (There is no enrollment or membership fee). As a member, we encourage you to be more intentional about developing yourself as an elder, participating in activities and events recommended by GCAEC, attending meetings according to the GCAEC bylaws, and growing in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Take full advantage of what GCAEC has to offer, including the elder certification and continuing education requirements for membership renewal.

GCAEC Elders Certification Coming Soon!

Requirements for membership and certification renewal:                                     

  • Membership and certification renewal is required annually.
  • Renewal is achieved by completing one Continuing Education Unit (1.0 CEU) per year.
  • Each participant will be given 0.1 CEU for every hour spent in a learning activity.
  • Most learning activities take an average of one hour to complete them.
  • At the end of 10 hours of coursework, a total of one (1.0) CEU will have been earned.
  • CEUs may be obtained online through the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Ministerial Department Adventist Learning Community website at
  • Renewal requirements must be completed by the end of each year (December 31st).

Certification requirements include:            

  • Completion of the 5-module Elder’s Course 101 through the Adventist Learning Community at (Course completion certificate must be submitted for verification).
  • Completion of 4 hours of pastor directed member visitation.
  • All applicants for certification must successfully pass the GCAEC Basic Elder Proficiency Exam with a score of 90% or better. (Unlimited attempts are allowed).          

Upon successful completion of all GCEAC certification and renewal requirements, documents must be sent to GCAEC via email at After a review of all documentation a certificate of completion will be delivered via email within 30 days. 

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